Remote Admin Service
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About Us:

We are group of professional system administrators, experts on safety and security of computer systems. We are the part of project Encrypted-Life.Net. We produce commercial remote administration service for internet data centers (IDC), hosting companies, owners of dedicated servers and webmasters. Our operational experience on hosting servers, mail servers, firewalls and building of secured servers more than one year, also have big experience in local works.

Who need our service?

Our customers are - IDC, hosting companies, owners of the dedicated servers, webmasters, banks, large and small firms and etc. So any people or companies that need stable and safe work of own servers.

So If you -

  • don't have enough time to support or take care of your server/servers.
  • don't have extra knowledge and experience for this work.
  • want that your system work at full speed.
  • are tired of searching for skilled system administrator.

All above show that You are our Customer and on right way.

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