What is our service:

What include our services for Linux/FreeBSD (for example):

  • Installation, configuration and optimization settings of servers;
  • Verification and setup security settings on your servers;
  • Upgrading/updating software (services) on servers;
  • Verification and optimization settings of services (apache, mysql and etc);
  • Optimization, configuring and making of custom kernels;
  • Setup of firewalls;
  • Remote upgrade of your system on new version (Example: FreeBSD 4.7->5.0) *
  • and etc;

* - need some extra local commands after first reboot.

What inlclude our services for Windows 2000 (for example):

  • Properly configuration of services (www, ftp and etc) and system at all;
  • Verification and optimization alredy installed services;
  • Extra optimization of TCP/IP stack for stable work and server protection;

Additional services and works:

  • Take of your server on our fixed plan of service (monitoring, updates and etc) with fixed monthly payment;
  • Urgent decision of any problems with your servers;
  • Creation of some ready to use systems on Linux/Unix basis;
  • Consultations;
  • Installation and optimization of cgi-scripts;
  • Checking of cgi-scripts for backdoors and vulnerabilities;
  • Creation of protected lans;
  • and etc;