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Solutions and Products:
Title Price Comments
"ISP class mail server" contractual view details
Service plans:
Title Price Comments
"SILVER" 119.00 USD/month view full info
"GOLD" contractual view full info
"PLATINUM" contractual view full info
Monitoring Plans:
Title Price Comments
"BASE" 15.00 USD/month view full info
"ADVANCED" 25.00 USD/month view full info
Plans for hosting servers (our managed hosting solution):
Title Price Comments
"H-GOLD" contractual view full info
"H-PLATINUM" contractual view full info
Our services:
Title Price Comments
Installation, upgrading/updating software on servers (postfix, apache and etc) contractual
Setup or optimization of settings on server for high level of security (this mean upgrade to our standards - security, stability) 99.00 USD/server
Setup of base mail server (sendmail/postfix/qmail/exim) 30.00 USD/server
Setup of a virtual mail server (for massive virtual mail hosting) contractual
Setup of ftp-server (proftp/wuftp/...) 30.00 USD/server
Setup of web-server (apache and others) 30.00 USD/server
Move service to run in chroot environment contractual
Installation of Jail chroot and move to run in chroot environment (for FreeBSD) contractual
Creation, setup, installation of custom kernels 50.00 USD/kernel
Installation and setup RSBAC contractual (for Linux)
NEW Installation and setup of MAC (Mandatory Access Control) contractual (for FreeBSD)
Additional Services:
Title Price Comments
Urgent solve of arisen problems with servers and services (depends on complexity of a problem and choosen way to solve) contractual
Creation of end systems on Linux/Unix basis (depends on complexity of the decision) contractual
Consultations for security, optimal settings, protection and etc contractual
Installation of CGI scripts contractual
Checking CGI-scripts for backdoors and etc contractual
Setup VPN and creation of end systems/protected subnets on VPN basis contractual
Testing local networks and recommendations for improovements in it contractual